Canadalin represents North American school boards and well-known private schools, introducing the western teaching style into China and establishing the international joint-teaching projects and ‘international experimental classes’ with a great number of Chinese public and private high schools.

The project provides high-quality international education resources and services to excellent Chinese high school students to help them get secure places at the top universities in North America and Europe. Canadalin also helps Chinese high schools to establish international advanced operation systems, setting up the lesson schedule according to the requirements of Chinese government, helping education providers to train the teaching crews, as well as improving the promotion of the good results and reputation and enhancing the connection between the Chinese secondary education and international education.

Currently, this international project has been carried out in 18 schools in major cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Wuhan and Chengdu.

The high schools participating in this program have seen great results for their students. The first group of students who participated in this program were admitted to prestigious Canadian universities such as the University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia.

Over the years, Canadalin has represented individual schools to provide consulting and application services for domestic and foreign institutions in order to supply appropriate overseas partner campuses with outstanding students.


  • Solid relationships among all parties

    The Chinese education authorities enadavoured to work with North American school boards as well as prestigious high schools, which have set up a well-organized international studying framework.
  • A trustworthy pathway to university

    During highschool study, students of our program are more likely to recive the pre-admission offer from universities in North America.
  • Well-selected teaching resrouces

    introducing the top north American curriculum only, developing high quality lessons, all students are taught within a small bilingual environment.
  • Realiable home-stay

    According to the policy and announcement of school districts in North America, all home-stay families have to be registered.
  • Guardianship

    The director of international education program of school districts and well-know private schools, will be the guardian of all students during their stay and study.
  • Personlized aboard study service

    It is also Canadalin that provides a seris of orientation services to students as soon as they landed, and take its part in managing students’ lives with schools and school districts on a daily basis.


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