Spouse, Parents and Grandparents


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For successful applicants, we charge $1775, but if the income is not sufficient, the applicant has a criminal record or the applicant is in Canada, we charge $3225. If the sponsor lives in Quebec, an additional fee of $600 is charged for the CSQ application, which will be represented by a dual Quebec and federal consultant.
The service fee includes the preparation of the documents, submission, mid-way supplement and explanation, landing instruction, collection and processing of the first maple leaf card.
If the visa is denied, we will appeal to the Immigration and Refugee Board IRB at no cost, which includes but is not limited to.
1, insufficient income, if we assess that the income is sufficient, only $1775 CAD will be charged, and subsequently if the visa officer considers the income insufficient, no further fees will be charged for the appeal; for cases where the income would not have been sufficient, the extra service fee we charge already covers the cost of the appeal.
2. other cases where the sponsor audit is not approved, including but not limited to cases where the sponsor has a criminal record, has not fulfilled previous sponsorship obligations, etc.
3、Medical examination, no additional fees will be charged if the medical examination requires additional information or if the visa is denied and then appealed.
4, the sponsor has not met the residency obligations, please note that the sponsor needs to reside in Canada during the sponsorship process, otherwise even the appeal hope is relatively slim.
5, unclear relationship, there is not enough evidence to prove the relationship between the parents and children.
And so on.
Please note that if the visa is denied because of false statements cannot be appealed to the IRB, so please make sure to provide true materials.


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